Past Auctions Works of J.M.W. TURNER (After) (click here for Bio)

J.M.W. TURNER (After)
(British 1775 - 1851 )
The Bright Stone of Honour (Ehrenbreststein) and the Tomb of Marceau
Oil on canvas
42.5" x 59.5" (107.95 x 151.13cm.0
Unsigned; dated circa 1850/70
Estate collection Graham Hutchison; by descent to various owners
The original painting by Turner was painted in 1835 and is now in the Tate Gallery, London. Graham Hutchison was a 19thc. Scottish merchant from Glasgow. It is believed this work was painted around the time Hutchison purchased Craigton House, an estate on the outskirts of Glasgow, from the then owner, Henry Dunlop of Craigton. It is believed that Hutchison's heirs remain the current proprietors of Craigton.
Sold for: $ 2300
Auction: 2009 - Important Canadian & International Art Auction - September 27th 2009




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