Canadian art market up 30% over previous year says new 2008 edition of Canadian Art Sales Index

New Index now into its 28th year!


$65 million! Another record-shattering year! The Canadian art market posted its most successful year ever in 2006-07, up an exceptional 30% over the previous outstanding season. Records fell all over the board as collectors and investors insured the Canadian art market would achieve its eleventh consecutive annual gain! Is Canadian art a good investment? According to figures in the 2008 edition of the Canadian Art Sales Index it most definitely is! The WPL Composite Canadian Art Index has given investors an average annual rate of return of 20.34% over the past 10 years! And while the average price per painting sold at auction now sits at a record $13,132, collectors should not despair as 78% of the market is still for paintings selling under $5000.

            No matter how you look at it, 2006-2007 was a phenomenal year for Canadian art. With gains being achieved in just about every sector, what effect has this record-setting year had on the works in your fine art portfolio? You can find all the numbers that make up today’s market and a great deal more information relevant to the status of your collection in the all new 2008 edition of the Canadian Art Sales Index, Canada's principal resource guide for Canadian art prices. Now into its 28th year the Index brings you all the prices, from $100 up, in salerooms from Saint John to Victoria, New York to Los Angeles, London, Paris, Cologne, and beyond.

In this year’s book – the 2008 edition - you’ll discover:

·         Over 5000 new auction prices – including several significant artists’ records

·         Over $65.344 million in Canadian art sales

·         Works by more than 1200 Canadian artists and authors

·         Results from 34 salerooms and 109 auctions

·         A revised Top 100 paintings list and Top 100 artists’ records

·         A complete market overview for the past year as seen through the nation’s leading market  indicator, the WPL Composite Canadian Art Index

·         And much more of interest and value to you as a collector/investor of Canadian art!

The 2008 edition of the Index has the prices that set a whole new benchmark for Canadian art. It’s definitely one edition you’ll not want to miss. Order your copy today!


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