Art Market Report Goes Online! 

Welcome to the first online edition of the Westbridge Art Market Report! After more than 30 years of publishing a print version of the Report (and its title predecessors), I have finally succumbed to, and am happily embracing, the wonders of technology and leaving the smell of newsprint behind in favour of the click of computer keys.

It was a hard decision, but clearly one that was long overdue. I feel confident now that the Report can reach a far broader international audience, and with improved frequency and market coverage, it can only benefit the growth, development and world-wide exposure of the 'hot' Canadian art market.

You will have to forgive me, with this first edition, for taking the time to clean up several late reports and stories that would have appeared in the January/February print edition. However, because of a heavy schedule of our own small 'boutique' auction sales in February/March, we were not able to launch this inaugural online edition any earlier.

But we're here now, and hopefully you will get as much - perhaps even more - pleasure and value from this format as its print predecessor. I also hope all the kinks have been ironed out and that this edition comes to you flawlessly through cyberspace.

As always your comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated so please let me know what you think of this new format - and what you'd like to see in future editions. You can reach me at


Anthony R. Westbridge
Westbridge Art Market Report

! An important auction of Canadian & International Works of Art to be held Sunday, March 29th at Westbridge Fine Art Auction House, Vancouver, B.C.

Please also view our sister sites at and for their current, ongoing online auctions!



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